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Scorpion 3 - World's First Hoverbike

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Offentliggjort den 3. feb. 2018

The Hoverbike is called Scorpion-3, which merges a standard motorbike design with drone quad-copter technology, to allow riders to manoeuvre in the air as if they were riding a bike.

The Scorpion-3 can carry 104 kg or 229 pounds in weight, while hitting speeds of up to 43 miles per hour and reach an altitude of 33 feet.

This electric bike has a range of 13 miles, with between 20 to 40 minutes of flying time on a single charge, depending on the battery type. It’s batteries can be re-charged in three hours, or they can be swapped out in a minute.

The Dubai Police Force has reportedly tested it for use in monitoring large, highly trafficked areas.

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► WEBSITE = www.hoversurf.com



Range - 21 km* (13 mi)

The maximum speed is 70 km/h* (43 mph)

Flight time - 20 minutes (SD LiPo battery)*

Weight - 50 kg/110 lbs (without batteries)

Total weight - 104 kg/ 229 lbs (with batteries)

Batteries - 3 boxes with a handle, 18 kg/39 lbs each

Battery charging time - 3 hours

Battery replacement time - 1 min

Motors, controllers and other parts for the hoverbike are made manually by the company's specialists. These are exclusive parts with a high level of reliability

Soon - HD-battery INR, flight time will be about 40 minutes


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