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  1. 5. okt. 2016

    Mood RN: Tori Amos playing two pianos at once.

  2. 10. jul. 2016

    Mood RN: Kokomo era Beach Boys.

  3. 22. mar. 2016

    I just saw a ad for $9 jeans using the term . I'm so inspired by you guys who co-opted it and transformed culture.

  4. Fortryd
  5. 26. okt. 2015

    At my Ex's house and found my copy of Atonement. You stole 6 of my best-looking years AND Atonement? Do you have Angela's Ashes too?

  6. retweetede
    13. sep. 2015

    “Let’s listen to Pulp. All girls with daddy issues like Pulp.”

  7. 18. aug. 2015

    How Do You Talk To An Angel? is playing as I get an AIDS test.

  8. 22. jun. 2015

    My Ex just said he'd rescue me if he found me living amongst cat urine soaked books with my own 'highlights' reel of Bridget Jones' Diary.

  9. 18. sep. 2013

    At work we listen to the internet radio station that plays early 00's college radio. It makes us feel like our dreams haven't died yet.

  10. 16. sep. 2013

    If you're ever at loss for what to say to a new friend, 'I'm listening to Usher and thinking of you' is a good start.

  11. 30. aug. 2011

    If I was an John Waters style exotic dancer, my name would be Meatball. My headline would be 'The Endomorph's Delight'.


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