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Executive Director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium (). Our mission: to inspire conservation of the ocean.

Monterey, CA
Tilmeldt april 2017


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  1. for 16 timer siden

    Fantastic news! Jamaica to ban manufacture and sale of Styrofoam, straws, plastic bags starting in 2019:

  2. for 19 timer siden

    Businesses can partner in -- and profit from -- leadership on ocean conservation issues, shows the way:

  3. 20. sep.
  4. 20. sep.

    Thank you for signing California's first-in-the-nation bill to require "straws on request" at sit-down restaurants! It doesn't solve the problem -- but as you note, it's an important first step in tackling ocean plastic pollution.

  5. 19. sep.

    Congratulations to two ocean heroes, microplastics researcher Sherri Mason and marine protected areas advocate Enric Sala -- honored as 2018 @heinzaward recipients!

    Enric Sala delivering TED Talk
    Sherri Mason on the beach
  6. 18. sep.

    Foundations are stepping up for the ocean, because a healthy ocean is the essential solution to the climate change challenge:

  7. 18. sep.

    We love . She is so gracious, and is a true champion for wildlife and wild places.

  8. 17. sep.
  9. 14. sep.

    Powerful & hopeful words from at : “Our world is on the edge of a sustainability revolution. It will have the magnitude of the industrial revolution and the speed of the digital revolution.”

  10. 14. sep.

    Great new short video from NRDC makes the case to bring the ocean front and center in forging a path to slow the ravages of climate change.

  11. 14. sep.

    Here’s how we make a difference—the Ocean-Climate Action Agenda:

  12. 14. sep.

    “This is a race against time. It’s a matter of life and death. The ocean is where life comes from.”—

  13. 14. sep.
  14. 14. sep.
  15. 13. sep.

    Encouraging news about exponential progress worldwide toward a zero-emission energy future! As said, "We're going to win this." --together.

  16. 13. sep.

    Great to hear bringing the ocean to Global Climate Action Summit. More on ocean-climate connection Friday morning:

  17. 13. sep.

    Johan Rockstrom new chief scientist Conservation International urges priority focus on ag our to solve climate crisis. Transform our food system from being global carbon source to sink.

  18. 13. sep.
  19. 13. sep.

    Science is the foundation of good decision-making on climate.

  20. 13. sep.

    Proud of my Foundation colleagues for this massive commitment. Land and ocean both central to climate solutions.


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