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Executive Director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium (). Our mission: to inspire conservation of the ocean.

Monterey, CA
Tilmeldt april 2017


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  1. for 22 timer siden

    Startup companies are creating eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastic. There's a $3 billion market out there waiting to reward their successes:

    New products use materials other than plastic for packaging, straws and food wrap
  2. for 22 timer siden

    Kelp forests sustain such a diversity of marine life!

  3. 15. jan.

    Progress! Three new Midwestern governors -- in Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin -- joining U.S. Climate Alliance:

    Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers
    Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
    Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker
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    14. jan.

    The Lonely Existence of Vampire Squids Vampyroteuthis infernalis or the “vampire squid from hell” is likely one of the coolest animals. Despite the name, however, Vampire Squids are not really :

  5. 14. jan.
  6. 10. jan.

    Troubling news about the heart of Earth's climate system -- The ocean is warming faster than scientists thought. We cannot delay action to create a clean-energy economy:

    Coral bleaching, viewed above and below the surface.
  7. 8. jan.
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    8. jan.

    Thank you , and others fighting to and block expanded offshore drilling. We must move toward a clean-energy future that supports thriving coastal communities and healthy ocean wildlife and habitats.

  9. 7. jan.

    An awesome young innovator created bio-plastics to win a national science competition -- and she's only 14!

    Jacqueline Prawira
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    5. jan.

    Many animals that live on the deep seafloor are scavengers. This sea star and crab came upon a dead which had sunk nearly 900 m to the floor of the . See more animals feasting:

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    4. jan.

    California is proving that protecting our ocean and growing our economy go hand in hand—thanks to leaders like you, , who continue to .

  12. 3. jan.

    Plastic particles abound in the Mariana Trench -- the deepest point in the ocean. Our policy team works to reduce plastic pollution at the source, and our colleagues study plastic and other marine debris.

    Arrowworm with plastic particle in its gut
  13. 2. jan.

    From local to global, the move to curb single-use plastic is gaining momentum. That's great news for ocean health!

  14. 28. dec. 2018

    Encouraging to see that there's potential for bipartisan action on a critical issue for ocean health.

  15. 28. dec. 2018

    There's encouraging news about coral recovery, plastic pollution and a marvelous deep-sea octopus nursery off the California coast -- all among the Top 10 ocean stories of 2018: (Photo by )

    Nursery of deep sea octopuses at Davidson Seamount
  16. 26. dec. 2018

    On , a great idea for the new year—Let’s solve the ocean plastic pollution problem by creating less waste to begin with:

    Packaging created from seaweed
  17. 21. dec. 2018
  18. 21. dec. 2018
  19. 17. dec. 2018

    A wonderful gift to the world -- Argentina creates two marine parks in Patagonian Sea: Photo©

    Fur seals swim in new marine park in Argentina
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    15. dec. 2018

    Only 2 days left to apply! Great opportunity for focusing on coastal and ocean research overlapping w/ mission-related sciences! & encouraged to apply! Details:


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