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    New video talking about Harry Potter and how it connected with a generation

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    No te pierdas nuestro divertido quiz de y entra en el sorteo de un viaje a los estudios de Londres Válido para TODOS los países

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    Wands at the ready! Celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter magic with us this Saturday at the bookstore. Stop by for some wizarding games, fun and activities! Sorting hat ceremony begins at 11:00. Festivities end at 1:00.

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    Para los fans de Harry Potter, también pueden participar desde respondiendo a este Quiz y podrán entrar en el sorteo de un viaje a los estudios de Londres . Gracias por el dato 😺

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    Care for some quidditch? Stop by the to celebrate and win some cool prizes!

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    ¡Estad atentos! Mañana anunciaremos un concurso muy especial relacionado con .

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    My commentary track on and the Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone.

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    What have I done (become)? has spoken

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    How is it a Tri Wizard “Tournament” when there’s only three people? It’s not a tournament, it’s a triple threat match.....

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    I’ve been waiting my whole life to play a Harry Potter game where my name is Willow Rosenberg and I get to have a crush on my blonde best friend Penny

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    1 week left in our . Can you believe it’s been 10 weeks gone by?!? Have you finished ? What are your fave parts? Fave Lines? Is there any story thread not resolved the way you want or left you confused? in 4 days!!

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    Love how calls by his first name Tom when he encounters him. Like dumbledore going to call some one who nicknamed himself.

  15. 10. nov.

    For all of the true Harry Potter fans... Toronto Is Hosting A Huge Harry Potter Yule Ball This Winter check this:

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    7 days rediscovering the Harry Potter movies and my moved to my infacia and part of what alone to be. At the age of 30, I really want to read the books. you have won a new fan. / , , .

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    ¡Imperdible! Queda menos de un mes para que puedan disfrutar de las ediciones especiales de los libros de Harry Potter... ¡y aquí les mostramos por fin las portadas! ¿Les gustan? Nosotros creemos que han quedado increíbles

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    But then, to Harry's enormous surprise, the hippogriff suddenly bent its scaly front knees and sank into what was an unmistakable bow. -J.K. Rowling

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