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    Which of these objects would you like to have?

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    Crazy, magical, insane weekend of hard work paying off

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    We even had Jesus in our photo booth

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    This time last year we made it happen...

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    Finished copies have landed of the House Editions of HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS and we can't stop looking at them. Published 28th June to mark the 20th anniversary of the Chamber of Secrets, pre-order NOW. Which edition will you buy?!

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    “We must all face the choice between what is right and what is easy. ~Albus Dumbledore”."

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    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort

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    RT EduEstates "RT EduEstates: Real piano keyboard stairs, will you still choose the escalator? c GI Adventure "

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    So pleased that Crossgates Library are displaying these special books from our collections as part of . Still trying to spread the magic with .

  14. 21. apr.

    : Voici le coffret des éditions 'Anniversaire' de pour les 20 ans de la saga. Chaque tome arbore une toute nouvelle couverture réalisée par Brian Selznick ! Plus de détails dans notre article ➡️

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  15. 10. apr.

    The beautiful new 20th anniversary editions with designs by Brian Selznick

  16. 10. apr.

    Get a closer look at the beautiful new 20th anniversary editions with designs by Brian Selznick. Four pictured here - head to for the full set and read on for more:

  17. 10. apr.

    J.K. Rowling perdeu seu status de bilionária porque dôo boa parte do seu dinheiro para caridade

  18. 10. apr.

    Harry Potter comemorando o 20° aniversário da SAGA

  19. 10. apr.

    Harry Potter 20th anniversary editions are coming June 26! See the new cover artwork, designed by Brian Selznick, now...

  20. 6. apr.

    We're celebrating at with sketches from Brian Selznick! Stop by Room S401 until 6:15 PM to pick up yours!

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