1. 21. feb.

    Saw a post about the 20th Anniversary of the first Harry Potter book..dug through a box...found it!

    Vis denne tråd
  2. 20. feb.

    I’m a little late on the but my HP4 is very, very well loved (and I still use my little bro’s Pokémon card as a bookmark from 16 years ago)

  3. 19. feb.

    my life in one picture (at the moment)

  4. 19. feb.

    look what my wonderful hubbie got me today

  5. 18. feb.
  6. 18. feb.

    How well-loved are your copies of ? We asked fans on social media to share their photos with us via the , and here's what they showed us >>

  7. 17. feb.

    Construction for Glenfinnan Viaduct started in 1897 we got our geek on visiting > Epic Trek: Mapping

  8. 17. feb.

    Fan of ? Catch the of with Sigma Tau Epsilon's Reading Marathon in Siverson Lounge until 5pm.

  9. 17. feb.

    Yo - I’m taking this experiment to another level! But like also - why is there only a handful of POC here? Every must be at .

  10. 16. feb.
  11. 15. feb.
  12. 14. feb.

    It's the first time I own 3 times the same book. But this one worth it !

  13. 14. feb.

    One of my most stressful hand-made cosplays. No matter what I do, it never feels finished. Thank you for putting this group together, and to for the inspiration. 💕 Fleur from 📸

  14. 13. feb.
  15. 11. feb.

    We received so many lovely and sentimental photos via the of well-worn books. Check out the photos fans shared here >>

  16. 11. feb.

    Despite being 22 it is still magical

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