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  2. for 5 timer siden

    Celebrate and get ready for Harry Potter Week at the Library—pick up the new 20th anniversary special editions of all seven books!

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  5. for 9 timer siden

    Check out our website: , we've posted a slideshow of our Harry Potter celebration! !

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    It's going to be a "Magical" year, indeed! Thank you for providing the platform that allows us to help our students shine and reach their full potential! ⚡️ continues💫

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  10. for 13 timer siden

    When you're a Harry Potter geek and can't resist these! Taking them on a test walk!

  11. for 22 timer siden

    Harry shelft: , Hogwarts Library, Posions, Charms & Magic Potions, Harry music box, tiny Harry & of course a Phoenix.

  12. for 22 timer siden

    Harry Potter arrived, focus on the books not the mess. - they are so pretty😍

  13. 18. aug.
  14. 17. aug.

    Received this beauty in the mail today! Will definitely be getting the hardcover as well, but probably not until after McM.

  15. 17. aug.

    Slytherins, have you got your House Edition yet? Add to your collection... out now!

  16. 16. aug.

    Harry Potter: A History of Magic is such a wonderful book. Brought back memories of the exhibition at the last year and it's given me more ideas for reading material for the PhD chapter. ❤📚

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  17. 15. aug.
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  18. 15. aug.
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  19. 15. aug.

    Hands up hufflepuffs 🙋 Have you got your House Edition yet?

  20. 15. aug.

    It’s ! To celebrate a favourite English tradition of mine each day I’ll share with you one of my Today a brand all about themed tea

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