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    This fish has shoved its way ALL UP IN THIS JELLY. Jack fish are super popular for fishing and eating, and we can all thank jellies for that. Because when jackfish are young, they REALLY like hanging out with jellies (& in jellies...) pics:

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  3. 12. nov.

    Found on Sunday by , this Apolemia siphonophore jelly spirals like a galaxy in the liquid sky. There are so many parallels between open-ocean and space exploration. Both test human endurance and ingenuity. Both reveal beauty in darkness.

  4. 9. nov.

    Watch this brave fish try to save its jelly friend! Fish and may seem like natural enemies, but many species live together. The jelly provides a home, while the fish is a perfect bodyguard (most of the time…) Video:

  5. 8. nov.

    Jellies ARE NOT useless balls of slime! They are habitat for fish, snails, brittle stars, octopus, crabs, lobster, even baby sea turtles (who will ride them)! Jellies aren't evil villains, they're moving castles of life ❤️ Video:

  6. 8. nov.

    Some beautiful to brighten up your day 📸 Aequorea © Chris Parks / Image Quest Marine

  7. 7. nov.

    Squid and octopus aren't the only ocean animals that can change color--some jellies can, too! This jelly, Hippopodius sp., changes from crystal clear to ghostly white when startled! Photos by: Alexander Semenov

  8. 6. nov.

    This wiggly animal is a larvacean Oikopleura, which lives for only a few days, in a house of snot, and females have no genital openings. Instead, when her eggs get too big her body explodes, releasing the eggs, and she dies. The end. Photos:

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  9. 6. nov.

    Today is a big day for lots of people, so here is a live-stream of pacific nettle jellyfish for when you need some calm.

  10. 5. nov.

    I'd like you to imagine you're at work at the bottom of a deep sea roaming with open ocean cephalopods. All of dry land was once under water, and if ghosts exist, 99% of them are creatures like this. Pictures: ;

  11. 3. nov.

    Jellyfish aren't just beautiful to watch, they are incredible, interesting creatures & we have so much more to learn about them. So if you are in love with jellies after this, follow & for updates & fun facts. Happy ❤️ (22/22)

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  12. 2. nov.

    RT : Some baby snails live in the open ocean for over 4 YEARS! These cuties aren’t just temporary guests, but near-permanent residents who may float all over the world.

  13. 2. nov.

    And our world be nowhere near as wonderous without them ❤️ Happy World Jellyfish Day! And don't forget to follow ©Alexander Semenov on Flickr!

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  14. 2. nov.

    Jellies are critical members of the world's oceans ©Alexander Semenov

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  15. 2. nov.

    Be them fast or slow, one thing is true: jellies are remarkable for their crystalline beauty ©Alexander Semenov

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  16. 1. nov.

    How beautiful is this capture of a Coronate Medusa? These live in the 'midnight zone' of the ocean at a depth of 1000-4000 metres and use to protect themselves from predators © Justin Marshall / Image Quest Marine

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    Amazing! I love when jellies surprise us day after day - social behaviours? Yes, please 😍

  18. 16. okt.

    I love that there is a hashtag. Admire this jellyfish, please.

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  20. 4. okt.

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the toads! I’m now checking out and loving it!

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