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    Being eaten by a jelly like this means instant paralysis, followed by the slow kiss of the long slippery lips, which trail far behind the animal like ribbons. Enveloped alive, you will be slowly transported to the stomach for digestion. Pics:

  2. 20. sep.

    Jellyfish are a favorite food for many creatures, including baby sea anemones that suck onto floating jellyfish, adult sea anemones that drag jellies to the sea floor, and even other jellyfish! Photos by:

  3. 18. sep.

    Some animals literally rip themselves out from the inside in order to be born. And this includes you!

  4. 17. sep.

    Today's is the stunning Octotiara russelli. Do you see those little dots inside? Those are amphipods, hiding together under their jellyfish umbrella! Photo by:

  5. 14. sep.

    Did you know: Many reef snails have huge wings as babies, and fly through the open ocean eating algae & growing their tiny shell, before finding a permanent home on the the sea floor? Protecting our oceans means the open ocean, too! Photos:

  6. 13. sep.

    Opens Twitter ....👀... Yep it’s a kind of day.

  7. 13. sep.

    Halitrephes are super showy deep-sea jellies with bright bi-colored tentacles. The orange spokes in the middle of the jelly are part of the digestive system--moving food from the central mouth to the tentacles, muscle, and body margin. Video by

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  8. 12. sep.

    Oh July 9th, 2015 a group of divers happened upon something truly remarkable–A 4-meter-wide clear sphere floating off the coast of Turkey. Any idea what it could be? If you'd found it--how would you react? To learn the answer:

  9. 12. sep.

    I’m tempted to accuse you of being awesome at photoshop, but I know you would not deceive us!

  10. 11. sep.

    Check out these amazing pics of jellies with cephalopods hats! Why the jelly joy ride? As one scientist learned the hard way, some young octos wield jelly tentacles like little nunchuks! Study: All pics by diver_scai

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  11. 10. sep.

    I used to assume slimy dead jellyfish weren't very popular with deep-sea scavengers. Oh man was I wrong! Jelly bodies are a welcome snack for animals such as hagfish and crabs. I wonder--what happens after a huge jelly die-off?? Study:

  12. 7. sep.

    If it looks like a jelly, floats like a jelly, and eats like a jelly, it's probably a baby tube anemone! Drifting for >100 days & traveling up to 4000 km to find the perfect forever home on the sea floor. Pics: Study:

  13. 6. sep.

    "In April we met comb jellies up to 30cm in size...with colorful tentacles hypnotically moving between these huge wings. Its body is extremely tender & easily destroyed...so you need to be accurate even when you film it from the distance" By:

  14. 5. sep.

    Baby squids! Squidlets! Love this! Very interesting growing around the yolk too, it's a curious world down there and I love these posts 🐙🐳

  15. 5. sep.

    Within each egg of the longfin inshore squid, the whole body of the squidlet grows and develops *around* a giant yolk sack. Which means squid babies grow on top of their egg yolks like little caps, and hatch with yolk in their bellies❤️ Pics:

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  16. 4. sep.

    This month has been busier than I ever expected but I'm finally back from my unplanned Twitter hiatus! I think this deserves a to celebrate - today's installment, inspired by a postdoc I'm hoping to apply for, is Gonionemus vertens, an old-school fav of mine.

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  17. 27. aug.

    Guys scientists have discovered that FISH LIKE CHASING LASER POINTERS! Scientists actually be legit diving on coral reefs doing this. But why? The answer is, of course, jellyfish. Obvi. A thread: 1/7

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  18. 25. aug.

    Lobster babies “ride jellies like little alien jockeys, while slowly eating them alive” ~

  19. 24. aug.

    Baby starfish are actually magical ocean fairies called bipinnaria that swim whimsically through the sea. Then a tiny star forms inside them, rips out of their flesh, and eats them alive to gain sustenance. That is starfish metamorphosis. The end ❤️ Pics->cmnts.

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  20. 23. aug.

    Today's , Apolemia lanosa, forms a deadly deep-sea curtain reaching over 30m (100ft) in length. Its front swimming bells drag the long body like a train. Tentacles hang down in sheets, and its trunk is covered in hundreds of red mouths. Pics © S. Siebert &

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