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    Swim like a spaceship? Siphonophore jellies have a chain of identical bells along their body, and use them like multi-jet thrusters to maneuver (and even go backwards!) Pics: Study:

  2. 18. jan.

    Deep pelagic food web structure as revealed by <i>in situ</i> feeding observations

  3. 18. jan.

    This jellyfish may be over 20 yrs old! Like old trees, jellies may serve as pillars of the open-ocean ecosystem. Studies: Ecology: by & Age: Video:

  4. 17. jan.

    WHAT'S HAPPENING?? Today's is a mystery, filmed this week by . It's an upside-down jellyfish. It looks healthy except it's just laying there. Why?? The big white blobs are gonads, the strands, are they tentacles? What?? 🤔 Video:

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  5. 16. jan.

    One of my all-time favorite jellies is Rhizostoma pulmo, with a beautiful purple fringe on a milky body. These jellies can actively swim against the current to filter food with their large crystalline mouths. Study: Vid:

  6. 15. jan.

    I JUST LEARNED SOME CRABS CAN CHANGE COLORS I AM SHOOK. They're called Flotsam Crabs. They live on floating stuff & use chromatophores to turn black on tar, yellow on turtles, green on plants, brown on wood, blue on snails, etc. Pics:

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  7. 15. jan.

    Diamond squid spend their whole lives in the open ocean, making them incredibly difficult to find. All the more reason this photo from the Philippines is blowing my mind...We live in a profound time for open-ocean discovery. Original:

  8. 15. jan.
  9. 14. jan.

    Salps are just hotels for baby Argonaut octopuses and it's too much 😭 I counted at least 12! ❤️ Image:

  10. 14. jan.

    "Two jellies have contributed to Nobel Prize winning research...The 1913 Prize was awarded to Charles. R. Richet, professor of physiology at the University of Paris, “in recognition of his work on anaphylaxis.”"

  11. 12. jan.

    I could watch the comb jelly Beroe light up all day 😍 In this amazing footage from 's "LIFE That GLOWS," the web-like structure is created by the jelly's gastric system. Follow Steve Haddock's (), , or for more amazing cteno work!

  12. 10. jan.

    Have you seen jellyfish swimming between trees? If you go to Southeast Asia and you just might! Meet the "mangrove" or "river" jellyfish Acromitus, remarkable for being found far up rivers, streams, and marshes. Video:

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  13. 9. jan.

    Pyrosomes produce light IN RESPONSE TO LIGHT! Imagine swimming in a sea of pyrosomes: one animal lights up, & a WAVE of light spreads all around you, transforming the black water into a GALAXY. Vid: Study:

  14. 6. jan.

    Second this recommendation. I've been loving her feed since following.

  15. 30. dec. 2018

    White-spotted Jellyfish going for a spin at the North Carolina Aquarium in Ft. Fisher. the brown areas of their body tissue are full of symbiotic algae that help feed the jellyfish with glucose as they photosynthesize?

  16. 28. dec. 2018

    Have you ever noticed that aquarium jellyfish are always kept in round tanks? They’re called kreisel tanks and they’re designed to keep a current flowing so the jellies can swim freely without getting stuck in any corners or filters.

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  17. 7. dec. 2018

    had a exchange this year & went 110% Michael Scott on me, gifting me not one, not two, but THREE amazing vessels for life's most important beverages ☕️🍷w/ my favourite ocean creatures 🌊 ❤️

  18. 30. nov. 2018

    BABY FLYING FISH HAVE TINY WINGS 😍😍😍 At a week old (here) they already have smol flappy flappies, & at two weeks they're airborne! Just imagine all the little flying fish out there, soaring around the open ocean ❤️ Photos by Syd Kraul via

  19. 29. nov. 2018

    Paper nautilus love holding onto things in the open ocean. Which means if you're a diver, and you find some, they will love you very much. 14/10 best huggers in the sea. Original video (w/ sound, including many adorable bonks):

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  20. 29. nov. 2018

    Meet the world's first Peanutbutter Jellyfish! Jellies in captivity don't always get the nutrients they need, and it turns out peanutbutter can help! Look at how big they get w/ pb! From just a few mm (upper left) to 2.5 cm (lower right). More:

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