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    , these pics were taken during a vacation to Monterey, California a few years ago. I’m just sharing them now. 😎🏝. ••

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    November 14, 2018: Amazing day on the water with lots of humpback whales exhibiting competitive behavior! Photos taken during Monterey Bay Marine Life...

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    JOIN US on 12/2/18 - 10-3 pm @ Bradley Photographic Gallery, , CA, as we RAISE MONEY for the American Red Cross, benefitting the and . 100% of proceeds go to the American Red Cross. LIVE music & goodies!

  5. 🌅 Repost @torykallmanphotography via Instagram: whale fluke in the smoke filled haze.

  6. 14. nov.

    November 14, 2018: We had the pleasure of seeing Cuvier's beaked whales yesterday (multiple times, but from far away)! These animals have been recorded...

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  8. 14. nov.
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  10. 14. nov.

    Enjoy today's sunrise view from Monterey Bay with Ruby Princess Cruise Ship passing by!

  11. 13. nov.

    says 21 vehicles involved in late morning chain reaction crash. 9 injuries 2 are critical. 12p

  12. 12. nov.

    This afternoon's haul, the 27" Wild Irish!

  13. 11. nov.

    Pre-gaming for Monterey Bay Half with favorite carb of choice!

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  15. 9. nov.

    Headed to sea on the for the next 8 days. Stay tuned for highlights from the midwaters of !

  16. in the | What to Plant Now: Flowers & Food Crops - Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive this directly in your inbox.

  17. 9. nov.

    Here is your dose of cuteness. This little charmer is a sea otter at . It is beside another sea otter. They were just drifting around, snoozing, cuddling, ottering.

  18. 9. nov.

    It was thick fog over . We shut down the engines & listened. Its an eerie feeling to be at sea in thick fog. Then a blast of Humpback breath and the heart starts racing. We were close enough to the for me to create a image through the soupy fog.

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