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    I was with when he shot this photo. We're supposed to get thunderstorms tonight. Will there be fork lightning or sheet lightning? And do you know what that blindingly intense flash of light does to a ? It's not pretty.

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    MARINE WARNING for thru 8PM -- Severe thunderstorm over the water with winds in excess of 50kt

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    Who can beat the stunning and some of the best wine in the world!

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    Visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which is world famous for its research and facility located in the , during your stay at the

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    These are the abandoned military houses that made up Fort Ord in Monterey, CA...it’s where the great Jimi Hendrix did boot camp before his military career!

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    What would it be like to cultivate a sense of calm, connectedness & well-being even in the midst of uncomfortable & challenging circumstances? Join Marianne for this four-week course:

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    Plan a brewcation with the Portola Hotel & Spa's Brews for Two Getaway! Enjoy two beers flights & two complimentary Chef's choice appetizers at with this overnight vacation package. Book now at

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    Wilder Mood // Wilder Ranch sunset Santa Cruz California. Final moments of light tonight

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    Morning has broken, God's gift, I count my blessings @ Lovers Point Beach.

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    41 seconds of State Beach zen.

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