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We only asked for leopards to guard our thinning dreams. ― Charles Bukowski ✿⊰✲⊱✿ sustainability of planet, animals, oceans, seas, ✿⊰✲⊱✿

Craftsbury, VT
Tilmeldt august 2009


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    Police are searching for the person responsible for this horrid act. Authorities believe the dolphin was alive when this occurred.

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    ."Held annually, its conferences are the industry’s largest [and attract] microgrid developers and investors, utilities, technology & engineering firms, energy storage & DER companies, policymakers, regulators, researchers and advocates."

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    ."These incentives, through WEC’s Button Up program, include up to $600 for weatherization, $250 for cold-climate heat pumps and heat pump water heaters, and $1,000 for pellet boilers, as well as extra incentives for electric vehicles."

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    ."Murphy pledged during his 2017 campaign to re-enter RGGI, saying that leaving had stalled process on emissions and prevented New Jersey from collecting millions in proceeds from the carbon trading system."

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    ." 'Pulling out of the RGGI in 2012 was not only an abdication of leadership, but it also cost us millions of dollars that could have been used to increase energy efficiency and improve air quality in our communities,' Gov. Phil Murphy said..."

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    ."...the Bat Deterrent System emits an ultrasonic field in the same range as bats' natural calling frequencies. ...The idea is that when this happens, the animals will begin to become disoriented, and respond by leaving the area."

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    ." 'The concerns with the 5G is these are millimeter waves and they don’t travel as far as the 3G and 4G that we have at the moment. ...the specific health concerns: ..."

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    ."What’s next on the list of well-intentioned financial mandates that will help reduce the risk for the developers of new energy technologies by passing along costs to the rest of us? Rest assured, the government will be asked to gamble with our money."

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    17. dec.

    A manatee can eat a tenth of its own body weight, which could be up to 1,300 pounds, in just 24 hours!

  10. 17. dec.

    ."Calif regulators no longer plan to tax text msgs. The California PUC said a new FCC ruling prevented the state from levying a tax on text plans. The state hoped to add new monthly fees onto wireless customers' bills to increase funds .."

  11. 17. dec.

    ."Dumping your waste on the ground, which is at best a lame and short-sighted activity, isn't some mindless, subconscious habit. It's a committed effort... '

  12. 17. dec.

    ."Broadband internet access is being misrepresented all across the country, particularly in rural areas....more than 160M Americans [lack] internet broadband stark contrast FCC says broadband internet is unavailable to just 25M Americans."

  13. 17. dec.

    ."But farmers are no longer taking environmentalists’ complaints sitting down. Instead, they’re taking an active role on the land and helping to improve water quality throughout the region."

  14. 17. dec.

    ." 'In case anyone thought this litigation was motivated by a desire to actually address climate change, this agreement between San Francisco and its new outside counsel should put that notion to rest,' "

  15. 17. dec.

    .Philippine Eagle. The National Bird of Philippines. Among the rarest and most powerful, the largest bird in the world is also the largest of all eagles; it is critically endangered mainly due to massive loss of habitat resulting from deforestation...

  16. 17. dec.

    ." 'Think through the political consequences of saying to a substantial portion of Americans, which is even more substantial in political terms, ‘We think you’re toast.’ ' The distress of 50M Americans should concern everyone."

  17. 17. dec.

    ."If the Vermont Public Utility Commission denies that application, then Dairy Air Wind doesn’t have time to put up a turbine on Dairy Air Farm before a deadline next summer."

  18. 17. dec.

    ."A draft report released this week by the Commission on Act 250 recommends the 2019 Legislature amend Vermont’s 1970 comprehensive development and land use law to: Add 'climate change' as a criterion for project review and approval."

  19. 17. dec.

    ."...New Jersey, Maryland and other states — 29 states in all — are enacting these standards. Once they do, regardless of the higher costs to ratepayers, utilities must follow the law."

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    17. dec.

    Any 'hunter' who gets ANY sense of achievement from shooting a drugged up, almost tame Lion which is released into a fenced enclosure with NO means of escape is a complete waste of oxygen!!!! RT if you want a COMPLETE ban on ALL & NOW!


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