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Pioneering aquarium with a mission to inspire conservation of the ocean in the streets, wild marine meme maker in the tweets. | ❤️

Monterey, CA
Tilmeldt maj 2008
Født 20. oktober 1984


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    we're doing fine franz thanks for asking, we just feel for the trillions of appendicularians creating marine snow to-go containers with their mucus homes that are really put upon by the anti-booger lobby

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  5. There once was a hungry seahorse Who did love her brine shrimp main course So with a snap of the neck (A deadly kiss in a peck) She slurped up her meal sans remorse

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  6. 14. nov.

    The last time the tuna crabs were here was during the 2015-16 ENSO, and before that they were spotted in the massive 1982-83 El Niño. If this stranding is any indication, there’s a good chance an ENSO tour bus has arrived this winter. In any case, welcome back Bloop Lords!

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  7. 14. nov.

    While the cause of these strandings is ultimately unknown—perhaps the crabs are cold-shocked or have run out of food—their arrival in Monterey Bay typically coincides with an El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO). has those odds at 80% for this winter:

    Lover's Point Beach covered in red crabs at the high tide line.
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  8. 14. nov.

    Aka tuna crabs, or lobster krill, Pleuroncodes planipes is a species of squat lobster typically found off of Southern and Baja California. Originally described from Monterey around 1860, they are mentioned repeatedly in Steinbeck and Ricketts's Log from the Sea Of Cortez.

    A passage from Steinbeck and Ricketts's Log From The Sea of Cortez mentioning pelagic red crabs found in the stomach of a turtle
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  9. 14. nov.

    hey fam anybody know how to tell when these are ready they've been brining for a looooong time

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    As the sun sets over the Monterey Bay, we're keeping all those affected by the fires across California in our hearts.

  12. 13. nov.

    oh shoot, that's coming up! otter get that beauty sleep now

  13. 13. nov.

    Kindness: Making the world a more pawsitive place since ❤️

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  15. 13. nov.

    "A modern variation on the classic!" ()

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  16. 13. nov.

    “Oh yeah! I’ve seen this optical illusion before. If you look at it one way it’s a pelican, and then the other way it’s a Picasso rabbit going sky luging!”

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  17. 13. nov.

    Yay thanks for stopping by!! Bonus sevengill for you!

  18. 12. nov.

    Fun fact, the aliens in The Abyss *were* inspired by a visit to the Aquarium—but it was the comb jellies that did the majority of the work!

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  20. 12. nov.

    May your Monday be motivated like these baby sting rays attempting to scale their window

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