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Monterey, CA
Tilmeldt maj 2008
Født 20. oktober 1984


  1. A lurking lingcod lies in anticipatory ambush, while a whirl of reclusive rockfish convene a kelp canopy convention in the majestic marine reserve of Point Lobos

    A lingcod sitting in bed of pink coralline algae with a school of rockfish int he background beneath a kelp forest canopy
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  2. 15. jan.

    At certain stages in their lifecycle, cup corals are so small that they pass through our filters, making them some of the first animals to settle in our exhibits when they first opened! See if you can spot them on the reef of the Monterey bay Habitats when it first opened:

    An old photo of the Monterey Bay Habitats exhibition featuring striped bass and sevengill sharks
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  3. 15. jan.

    Orange cup corals are ubiquitous bonfires of stinging beauty on the reefs of Monterey Bay. The “bumps” on their tentacles are stinging cells called cnidocytes. These specialized cells are equipped with stinging harpoons called nematocysts, a key feature of the cnidarian phylum.

    Orange cup corals surrounded by cobalt blue sponge and bryozoans
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  4. 15. jan.

    aaaaahhh that's nice

    Two hands warming themselves by the cup coral
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  5. 15. jan.

    It’s a chilly, rainy day here in Monterey, so we’re warming up by the fire of this orange cup coral—a cup coral of hot cococean to warm the sole, if you whale

    A close up macro photo of an orange cup coral
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  6. 15. jan.

    Thanks for the love!

  7. 15. jan.

    rated R for rhinophore !

  8. 15. jan.

    ok coming right up Monterey dorid on the way

  9. 15. jan.
    Captain Kirk and Spock inside the Aquarium during filming of Star Trek IV
  10. 15. jan.

    Correction! Photo on the left is from 2004 🤦‍♂️ Looks like we owe you a snap from 1984, we'll throw in a bonus too:

    The Aquarium on opening day in 1984
    The Aquarium logo and crowd on opening day in 1984
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  11. 15. jan.

    on a related note here are three Dendronotus nudibranchs starting a family

    Three Dendronotus nudibranchs mating
  12. 15. jan.

    NUDIBRANCH N ever U nderestimate D edication to being I n the B uff R egularly and A ll the time N ever not nudibranchs C ombined are many many dozens of species H appy birthday suit you beautiful sea slugs your naked gills are showing !

    A San Diego dorid nudibranch looking at the camera
    A shaggy mouse nudibranch Aeolidia loui
  13. 14. jan.

    That was a great time to be a fictional Cetacean Institute!

  14. 14. jan.
    The Aquarium main entrance in 1984
    The Aquarium main entrance in 2019
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  15. 14. jan.
    2009 Monterey Bay Aquarium Logo with teal color
    2019 Monterey Bay Aquarium logo with modern blue color
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  16. 14. jan.
    Svarer og

    In the spirit of continued excitement about these amphipods, here's a graphic and note from Dr. Jeff Goddard we were sent after looking into these a few years ago: Photos and graphic by Jeff Goddard, Gary McDonald, Allison Vitsky, and Ali Hermosillo

    A map of Podocerus amphipods and their nudibranch models
  17. 14. jan.
    Svarer og

    We LOVE these little ones, especially how they appear to mimic noxious aeolid nudibranchs for protection!

  18. 14. jan.

    Their 10,000-mile roundtrip journey began in their feeding grounds near Alaska a few months ago and will take them to the safety of shallow lagoons in Baja California, Mexico to breed and give birth. Good luck, whales—you're doing gray-t!

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  19. 14. jan.

    The southbound gray whale migration is nearing its peak here in Monterey Bay, with our naturalists spotting them off the back deck of the Aquarium almost daily!

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