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NOAA's Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) is a federal marine protected area offshore of California's central coast, from Marin to Cambria.

Monterey, CA USA
Tilmeldt juli 2009


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  1. 21. dec. 2018

    Parts of the U.S. Government are closed & this account will not be updated. websites & social media necessary to protect lives & property WILL be maintained: For critical weather info, see . Learn more:

  2. 19. dec. 2018

    The egg-yolk jelly is a up to 2 feet in size and usually drifts motionless or moves with gentle pulsing in . Acting like an underwater spider web with a mild sting, an egg-yolk jelly captures other jellies that swim into its mass of tentacles.

    (Photo: Jon Anderson)
  3. 18. dec. 2018

    Short-beaked common dolphins are highly social & energetic mammals found in , usually in large groups averaging hundreds of individuals and are often seen in larger super pods, consisting of thousands of animals at once!

  4. 17. dec. 2018

    “Here's looking at you, kid!" This lingcod spotted in is a voracious predator with a large mouth and sharp, canine teeth to consume crustaceans, mollusks, and many species of fish.

  5. 13. dec. 2018

    are some of the most diversified forms of life on the planet. Most importantly, these ocean drifters are the basis of a photosynthetic marine food web and is a crucial source of food to some of the largest animals on earth.

  6. 12. dec. 2018

    Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest anemone of them all? Sunburst anemones are found in tide pools, waiting to capture snails, small sea urchins and fishes that come into contact with their paralyzing stinging tentacles.

  7. 11. dec. 2018

    It's ! Located within , Davidson Seamount is a pristine, undersea mountain home to fragile, “old-growth” -sea coral forests & is the only seamount to be protected in the National Marine Sanctuary System. (Photo: NOAA/MBARI)

  8. 10. dec. 2018

    Advisory Council will meet on Friday, Dec 14 from 9 AM to 4:30 PM @ Monterey Conference Center. Meeting is open to the public. Agenda:

    (Photo: Sam Bailey)
  9. 7. dec. 2018

    Are you excited it's Friday? If so, express your best caption for this leaping Pacific white-sided spotted in !

    (Photo: Douglas Croft Images)
  10. 4. dec. 2018

    This week, we mourn the passing of our 41st president, George H.W. Bush. In addition to other parts of his legacy, President Bush enjoyed the distinction of having the most sanctuaries designated during any presidential administration, including :

  11. 3. dec. 2018

    With their distinctive red, chisel-shaped bills, black oystercatchers can reach into shellfish & pry them open. Despite their name, they mainly feed on mussels, limpets & worms found in the intertidal zone in , doing most of their foraging at low tide.

    (Photo: Jenni Peters)
  12. 29. nov. 2018

    Large winter storms can bring beautiful & powerful breaking waves along the shorelines of each year. Play it safe & use caution when getting near the water, and be sure to never turn your back to the mighty ocean. (Photo: Ryan Cotta)

  13. 21. nov. 2018

    Elephant seals are lots of fun to watch, but make sure to give them lots of space – an elephant seal selfie is NOT a good idea! These huge seals can be dangerous, and when you get too close you can agitate and stress them.

    two elephant seals fighting on a beach
  14. 26. nov. 2018

    Deadline for 2019 is *Friday!* Find our application & FAQs here: Our features TAS alumni Alex E & Bhavna R on a day trip aboard R/V Caretta during the Gulf of Mexico TAS Alumni Workshop:

  15. 22. nov. 2018

    from Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary! Be sure to get out and enjoy the view of Garrapata State Park and Bixby Bridge this holiday season. (Photo: Sam Bailey)

  16. 20. nov. 2018

    Traffic jam! These two Hermissenda nudibranchs are seen frequently in tide pools and subtidal areas of . They feed primarily on hydroids and sea anemones by detecting chemical scents in the water, but are also known to be cannibalistic! (Photo: Michael Alyono)

  17. 16. nov. 2018

    Learn how local students from the NOAA Ocean Guardian program are helping threatened & endangered animals nest & flourish in restored dune ecosystems in !

  18. 9. nov. 2018

    During this , join in paying tribute to American veterans for their honorable service to our country. “Vet Into Your Sanctuary” day inspired veterans to further protect and serve our national underwater treasures.

  19. 7. nov. 2018

    Starting tomorrow (11/8): for 2018 National Ocean Exploration Forum! Join us for live stream of several events as we explore new ways to talk all things ocean:

    All Hands on Deck: Join us Nov 7-10 for 2018 National Ocean Exploration Forum
  20. 7. nov. 2018

    Whale, whale, whale, what do we have here? Humpback whales sure know how to make a splash! 🐋

    a breaching humpback whale

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