Kate Vylet


Scientific diver and wildlife photographer below and above the sea, anchored in Monterey Bay.

Monterey Bay, California, USA
Tilmeldt maj 2017


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  1. 14. jan.

    The right kind of winter blues... Despite rough seas, winter is my favorite season to dive as the green murk is lifted and the is revealed in clear blue water. The (Macrocystis pyrifera) must have been as stoked on the sunshine as I was on the visibility.

  2. 4. jan.

    Freshwater for a fresh year! In a shallow pool of a cold creek, a school of baby rainbow (Oncorhynchus mykiss) curiously inspect their bright alien visitor. These little guys are young so are still lined with "parr marks" - black bars - that fade away in adulthood.

  3. 31. dec. 2018

    As the sun sets on 2018, nature closes out the year with its own fireworks show. Winter tends to bring fiery , and when the clouds are juuuussst right, you may get lucky enough to witness a particularly pink performance. everyone!

  4. 27. dec. 2018

    As 2018 wraps up, a look back at your favorites of the year! Thank you everyone for all the inspiration, support, and kind words! Here's to new year in our underwater world!

  5. 21. dec. 2018

    Yellowfin (Neoclinus stephensae) tidy their homes by spitting out rubble. This one apparently felt that white stone doesn't fit its decor and went to work evicting the offending piece. Luckily we have hands so we don't have to push the couch out with our teeth.

  6. 17. dec. 2018

    Is that mistletoe...? Cause this cutie is coming in for a kiss! This inquisitive monkeyface (Cebidichthys violaceus) emerged from its tunnel to inspect its reflection in the dome port. Despite the grumpy look, they're incredibly curious and chill .

  7. 13. dec. 2018

    Sand-dwellers are so camouflaged sometimes they don't even see each other. Just as it was settling in, this red (Octopus rubescens) got a scare from a speckled (Citharichthys stigmaeus). Based on the fish's acceleration, it's safe to say the spooking was mutual.

  8. 10. dec. 2018

    (Macrocystis pyrifera) forms the arches of 's underwater cathedrals. Growing from a solidly anchored holdfast up to a golden canopy, it creates a multitiered habitat that supports a variety of marine life, like these blue (Sebastes mystinus).

  9. 8. dec. 2018

    There's still time to order a 2019 Below Green Waves calendar as a holiday gift!

  10. 6. dec. 2018

    Up, up, and away! ...Or maybe not. Sometimes the surge is too much even for battle-hardened locals like this spiny sand (Astropecten verrilli). Video speed 3x original - they move fast, but not THAT fast.

  11. 3. dec. 2018

    This yellowfin (Neoclinus stephensae) peeked out from its hole looking particularly surprised. Maybe it's as shocked as we are that it's already December... Or perhaps it just suddenly became acutely aware of its hairdo.

  12. 29. nov. 2018

    As a storm swell surges through , a memory of gentler days when you could hang out in the just below the surface and not die. This bed of (Phyllospadix torreyi) is living up to its name today and hopefully hanging on tight!

  13. 21. nov. 2018

    After tasting a piece of apparently distasteful drift kelp, this decorator (Loxorhynchus crispatus) not only drops it but puts in the extra effort to pick it up again and toss it farther away. Disclaimer: don't try this at dinner - it may not go over so well.

  14. 19. nov. 2018

    Frantically sweeping the sand, a Brandt's (Phalacrocorax penicillatus) scours the sanddollar-studded shallows for a fishy morsel. It eventually ascended from the dive with an empty beak, no doubt to the relief of the sanddabs hiding in plain sight on the sandy bottom.

  15. 15. nov. 2018

    Launching my first ever photography calendar for 2019 - Below Green Waves! With a selection of fisheye shots, this calendar features scenery and wildlife from California's underwater coast to submerge your wall in photos and fun facts for the next year!

  16. 8. nov. 2018

    Together plant and alga dance in the shallows, soaking up that sweet, sweet sunlight. While the giant (Macrocystis pyrifera) has the advantage of floating right at the sunny surface, at least it lets a few bright beams down to the bed of (Phyllospadix sp.) below.

  17. 7. nov. 2018

    At the divide between two worlds, the kelp meets the clouds! This giant (Macrocystis pyrifera) is coated with lacy crust bryozoan (Membranipora sp.) giving it its own cloudy look.

  18. 29. okt. 2018

    Raise your rhinophores in celebration of ! The antenna-like rhinophores found on the heads of like this three-lined aeolid (Orienthella trilineata) detect dissolved chemical "scents". May this be one of many nudes to flood your feed on this slug-kissed day!

  19. 25. okt. 2018

    Like reaching for that last cookie on the top shelf, this Spanish shawl (Flabellinopsis iodinea) stretches for a tantalizing hydroid polyp in the lower left only to be thwarted by relentless surge. Okay, maybe save that one for after dinner. Happy !

  20. 18. okt. 2018

    Puppy party! Much like a pack of puppies, California (Zalophus californianus) love to play... And bark! Turn on the volume to hear their underwater arfing.


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