Juan S. Robles  


Immigrant and Emmy nominated video editor, producer and writer. Currently - MotiveAI. Formerly of CBS News, VH1 and NY1 News. Opinions are my own.

Menyertai Januari 2009


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    you just can't make this stuff up

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    I just remembered that someone said that the video for This is America is a commentary on Black on Black violence in Chicago

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    3 jam lalu

    Honestly assumed Aquaman was already out given how many tweets there were about it.

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    16 jam lalu

    Staten Island District Attorney will not prosecute cops who planted weed in the back of teens car.

    Tunjukkan thread ini
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    While a step forward, I hope he also reverses a lot of marijuana drug charges that plague Black and Brown communities and releases the people arrested for weed offenses.

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    Found at my parents’ house lol

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    Also, I need to point out a few things. 1. “They’re going to a platform their audience doesn’t pay for.” Um, what? 2. Telling them that they can come back pretty much shows how badly Viceland is hurting without Desus and Mero

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    Does Lin Manuel rap in Mary Poppins?

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    I turned to channel 3 to play video games

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    Imagine if the people who are replying to this felt the same way when cops kill Black people

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    Tweet ini tidak tersedia.
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    Jacquees wishes he could mumble sing a chorus the way Keith Sweat did on Twisted

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    I didn't know the difference between drums and flats until twitter, I just ate the chicken cuz I like chicken *shrugs*

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    Jacquees is 24. Everything makes sense now. A lot of us had delusions of grandeur before life punched us in the face with lessons. Ah, to be young.

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    YOUR VIEWS: Disney has successfully trademarked the Swahili phrase HAKUNA MATATA, which means 'No Problem'. But Zimbabwean activist Shelton Mpala likens this to 'colonialism and robbery', and so far his online petition has gathered over 30000 signatures

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