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    3. maj

    This is an exciting time for us! We’re hiring & seeking talented people to in USA’s largest st park system w/ opportunities in interpretation & education, recreation, law enforcement, cultural/natural resources, admin, ops & maintenance

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    The latest issue of the Weekly Digest is now live at:

  3. for 4 timer siden

    Do you love to ? Experience SRA in a new way by kayaking. Tours are available Sat & Sun through September 23. Visit for more info.

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  5. for 10 timer siden
  6. for 12 timer siden

    As adventure backpacks start to be replaced with school backpacks, why not get one last adventure in before Labor Day weekend? Discover where you will make your next memories at

  7. 16. aug.

    Join us today at 8:30 am for the California Boating and Waterways Commission meeting at Today's agenda includes: - Commission Chair report - Boating Facility Needs Assessment - Division of Boating and Waterways program and budget reports

  8. 15. aug.

    Need new photos and selfies for social media? Looking to make one more escape before the weather cools down? with us by clicking and start planning your next memory making trip today! Stay safe & be prepared

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    14. aug.

    All the progress that is being made containing the is from all the hard work of many firefighters coming together from many regions 🚒🚒🚒. Californians thank all the states & countries that have helped us fight these blazes!

  10. 14. aug.

    Come with us! Check out the opportunities available at and connect with ! Over 60 exams and statewide openings available now.

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    13. aug.

    We’d love to introduce you to our Promotorx, local residents dedicated to introducing the community to their State Parks and creating fun activities for people of all ages.

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    13. aug.

    Are you ready for the next disaster? Make sure your family and community are prepared. Here are 10 easy steps to start the process.

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    13. aug.

    Feel free on a jetski. Hit the right note while you float. Hop in the saddle and go for a paddle. There are plenty of ways to enjoy our and we LOVE them all!

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    11. aug.

    Most people don't realize that the balloons they release in a city will likely drift and land in wild places. Balloon trash is very hazardous to animals when swallowed and creates an eyesore on the natural landscape.

    A park ranger stands with a bunch of balloons in the desert with her thumb down. The words "do not release balloons, do you know where they end up, as litter," is written on the image.
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    10. aug.

    Now Hiring: State Park Maintenance Aides. Apply today to join our team & work in beautiful ! Applications available online or in person at the Ranger Station. For more info call (949) 494-1378.

  16. 13. aug.

    Reminder: The next Boating and Waterways Commission meeting is Thursday, August 16. Full details on the meeting, agenda, tour agenda (Wednesday August 15), and how to attend or view the live steam (and replay) are available at:

  17. 12. aug.

    Happy ! Let's see what you captured during your weekend adventures.

  18. 11. aug.

    Reminder: Visitors with health issues or smoke sensitivity may want to reconsider visiting parks until the air quality improves. To ensure safety, the public is prohibited from entering closed areas. Stay safe in the outdoors with these tips:

  19. 11. aug.

    UPDATE – Aug. 10: Wildfire Impacts on California’s State Parks - . We're also advising outdoor enthusiasts to plan carefully their next outdoor adventure in areas near wildfires.

  20. 11. aug.

    The latest issue of the Weekly Digest 📰 is now live at:

  21. 10. aug.

    It's ! What tips do you have to share for making delicious s'mores? And as you make your s'mores shopping list, please check out our campfire safety tips at


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