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  1. for 6 timer siden

    I applied for my current job because I saw one of these studies and got mad, and its the best decision i've ever made !

  2. for 9 timer siden

    i like to use analogies to describe the amount of blood certain procedures require and today i uttered the phrase "its about the amount of blood you'd put on chocolate chip cookies" (I meant vanilla).. happy early halloween everyone

  3. for 12 timer siden

    at what age do we stop getting excited when someone’s parent comes to town bc an Adult is taking us out to a Real Dinner where we will wear something other than leggings and large sweatshirts

  4. 17. okt.

    idk what you’re talking about Mom i was very productive today I regulated my cardiac output and respiration and inflammatory responses and digested and thermoregulated ok!!!?

  5. 16. okt.

    My favorite thing of the day is ; a blog run by Dr. Beth, who invites parents to send in well-loved teddy bears for some much deserved "spa treatments," and then sends them back all plump and ready for hugs.

  6. 15. okt.

    Congratulations! Remember to always write something in your patient histories that can make the night shift person get a real feel for who (s)he is and what his/her life is like.

  7. 15. okt.

    Let's all take a minute to give a well deserved congratulations to Tricia!! An accomplishment well deserved!!

  8. 15. okt.

    I... just got accepted to med school

  9. 13. okt.
  10. 11. okt.

    how are babies *that* aggressively fragile and resilient at the same time

  11. 11. okt.

    Good for her and all but let’s address the real story here.. Wyoming welcomes people to their state with PAPYRUS FONT

  12. 11. okt.

    on this I want to remind everyone that trans youth are valid, loved, and appreciated... and we as a society need to do a better job of lifting them up as they navigate finding themselves in a world that undermines their very identity

  13. 11. okt.

    widely discredited article that was condemned by everyone except white female celebrities: vaccines could be bad white women: BURN THE VACCINES. VACCINES ARE CANCELLED. 𝖉𝖊𝖆𝖙𝖍 𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖈𝖐𝖘 pretty legit article: lacroix has literal cockroach 𝓹𝓸𝓲𝓼𝓸𝓷 in it white women:

  14. 10. okt.

    I learned how to do CPR today so now I know how to save your life but more importantly I found out New York Presbyterian Hospital maintains a Spotify playlist of songs that are the right beat to time CPR compressions to and it is on point

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  15. 11. okt.

    Thank you everyone for your support !! We did some light fluid resuscitation and improved our pain med schedule and she seems to be more stable for now. Taking things day by day, but there were snacks and purrs today

  16. 10. okt.

    today at the vet there was a dog that went into full cardiac arrest every time he peed.. differential ?

  17. 10. okt.

    Apparently copper surfaces reduce survival of resistant Staph bacteria in the healthcare environment, so if we could all please remodel our hospitals to look like gothic mansions that would be terrific.. source:

  18. 10. okt.

    No I did not get eyelash extensions, I’m just ridiculously negligent when it comes to removing my mascara thank you so much for asking !!

  19. 9. okt.

    my main stressor is that if I'm not completing tasks at lightning speeds (as opposed to slow, steady progress) I feel like I'm failing

  20. 9. okt.

    A bunch of really smart people I get to work with published a paper about sepsis and you all should read it..


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